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Since 1999 we have been designing banking simulations specifically for developing awareness among professionals and students within the banking, consulting and finance sector.

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Our business games are designed to assist professionals with the advancement of their careers via continuing education. By offering a flexible learning platform, professionals and students can learn in their own time and at their own pace.

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With over 200 variable parameters in each banking simulation, the local regulatory environment as well as country macroeconomic and market conditions can be customized. In addition to this, we can use the latest financial results of a bank as a starting position for a specific training session.

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Banks, financial institutions, training organizations, consulting firms, universities and business schools make use of our products.

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With over 17 years of experience in the design and development of banking simulations, SimArch brings financial expertise and technology together in order to offer the industry innovative learning solutions that are effective and have a lasting impact.

What our clients have to say

Young Professionals Program

“Insights into the mechanisms in the bank, the challenges and how to deal with them.” The Netherlands

Young Professionals Program

“Much better understanding of the Balance Sheet and P&L and the impact of decisions on these.” The Netherlands

Young Professionals Program

“Managing capital and liquidity is crucial and more important than short term profits.” The Netherlands

Learnership Program – National Certificate in Banking

“Banks are the cogs of the economy, and government relies heavily on them in the running of the country.” South Africa

Learnership Program – National Certificate in Banking

“One of the highlights of our training was being in charge of a bank and getting an overview of how banks operate.” South Africa

Learnership Program – National Certificate in Banking

“It was fun working in a team. It showed us the importance of joint decision making and using various strategies to get best results.” South Africa

Risk Management Training conducted by SimArch & 3Masters

The training provided a broader view on banking and enables me to advise clients better in the future. Advisor/ Consultant - Financial Services, EY Amsterdam

Erste Bank
Bank Management Training

I enjoyed this in-depth training very much, it was massive on the content side for an IT person (like me) – but great learning curve. I believe I have learned more about banking (high level and in general) than in many other years and trainings combined – thanks a lot for this great opportunity and your hands-on approach. IT Professional, Erste Bank Austria

Chase Bank
Asset & Liability Management

As I went through the 3 day ALM training by Simarch, what struck me most was its ability to combine the complex and multi-faceted aspects of Capital, Liquidity and Risk into simple, practical and achievable steps. What would otherwise have been ‘dreary’ topics morphed into fun, engaging and thought-provoking debates among participants. The unique role we all contribute towards the Bank’s balance sheet was an aha! for many of us. All this plus a touch of fun and wit from our facilitator Andrew made this one of the most remarkable trainings I ever attended! I would definitely recommend it to any banker anywhere! Senior Manager, Corporate Sales Chase Bank

Balance Sheet Management Training Program

Highly interactive course! I gained a greater understanding of liquidity ratio’s and its impact on the balance sheet as well as the key management variables in banking. Johannesburg, South Africa

Royal Bank of Scotland
Asset & Liability Management

The simulation is an excellent tool for exploring risks associated with ALM and the training offers a good balance between course work and simulation. London, United Kingdom

KBC Bank
Fundamentals of Bank Management

Great course! We were provided with great insight using real life examples. It gives a really good overview and insight into bank strategy, to know how different areas are interconnected.Very good to practice with the simulation. A very good course to broaden your view. KBC Brussels, Belgium

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ALM professionals, Treasury Professionals, Risk Managers, Project Managers from Consulting Firms , Chief Financial Officers , Support Staff in IT/HR/Marketing, Students in Graduate Development Programs ,