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Banking in the 21st century

The financial landscape is changing at a blistering speed. With volatile global markets, changing regulations and new financial products, there is a major need for professionals in the Financial Services Sector to acquire new insights into the complexities of banking in the 21st century.

The Bank Management Simulation Program, FirstB@nk 3, provides professionals with a broad perspective on the business of banking. By taking on the role of the management team of a bank for the duration of four financial quarters, you will be exposed to the major products and activities of a commercial bank. You will also experience the impact of the economy, regulations and competition on the various quarterly decisions to be made as well as the key risks banks face today. 

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Risk management in banking

Risk Management is crucial to the performance of a bank. Today more than ever before, the focus on risk management has become critical with volatile global markets, ever changing regulations and new financial products impacting the day-to-day decision making in a bank.

The InterB@nk 3, Risk Management Simulation Program is a practical learning tool used to identify, analyze and mitigate risk in commercial banks. The simulation exposes participants to the major risks faced by banks in today's volatile environment and provides them with the opportunity to identify and analyze these risks. In trying to manage several financial risks during a specific economic environment, participants gain an enhanced understanding of what actions are taken by banks to limit potential impact on the profitability as well as the value of the equity of their bank.

Balance sheet management

Volatile global markets, changing business models as well as an increasing regulatory environment have made Asset Liability Management (ALM) a critical function for banks and financial institutions today. Capital Management together with Liquidity Management is at the forefront of the financial landscape. It is therefore increasingly important to define, measure, monitor and manage an institution's exposure to all types of financial risks on a coordinated and consistent basis.

The GuardB@nk 3 Asset & Liability Management Simulation Program has been designed as a practical tool to enhance the ability of practitioners to deal with the complexities involved in the management of the Balance Sheet of a bank. 

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