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Our Partners

We partner with leading training organizations, bank training institutes, simulation providers, finance consultants and freelance trainers. We offer our partners the opportunity to add a profitable new line of business to their existing product portfolio.

Continuously expanding our partner base

Our simulations and tools are made available to our partners via the following ways:

  • On a Pay-per-Use basis
  • Via an Annual License Fee
  • Via an outright purchase for the exclusive rights in a country or region

Our partners use our products in the following way:

  1. As a new line of business providing simulations and tools to their client base
  2. As an online competition creating brand awareness
  3. As part of a graduate development programme
  4. As part of a training programme
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Our Partners

Riskflow Institute

On 28 March 2019 SimArch entered into a Working Agreement with the Riskflow Institute whereby the Institute will market and deliver training programmes, with the use of the simulation programs of SimArch, to Riskflow's client base within Africa (54 countries)

Riskflow Institute(Pty) Ltd provides action learning based training in financial risk, treasury management and financial literacy. The Riskflow Institute is a body of professional and industry-experienced individuals in the banking, financial, educational and related sectors. 

The purpose of this Institute is to build capacity in organisations through direct consultation, interaction via an educational platform, developing bespoke training courses, transfer of skills at all organisational levels and executive interaction. Furthermore the expert members of the institute can undertake due diligence analysis across all business sectors, evaluate business plans and advise on financing structures.

The Institute is part of Riskflow Holdings, a fintech company based in Johannesburg, South Africa and founded in 1988. Riskflow’s main focus is “To deliver innovative, world-class fintech products, using the latest technology and in accordance with the ever-changing financial landscape.


    About BankersLab

    BankersLab® leads the way in delivering innovative training across the banking industry. Utilizing a blended learning model, we integrate numerical simulation, the gamified classroom and mobile learning - designed to ‘level up’ the expertise of banking professionals.

    Since being founded, BankersLab® has developed a suite of training products that leverage proven techniques on how to train executives for the greatest retention and usage of learning. To date, we have trained participants from over 45 countries and in multiple languages.

    We focus on:

    • Learning Outcomes: Building ‘Flight simulators’ for bankers that provide powerful learning intervention
    • Inclusive: Expanding the product set to cover entry through executive level
    • Global scalability through the use of language localization and cloud servers
    • Configurability of the Web Application to ensure the simulation mimics conditions bankers experience in their own market
    • High quality training content which integrates seamlessly with the simulation

    For more information visit: www.bankerslab.com


    3Masters: Training, Coaching, Advice

    The 3 pillars of 3Masters are Training, Coaching and Advice. For each of these pillars we aim to provide solutions through our creative approach, emphasis on long-lasting results and innovative insights to assist you in your personal development.


    3Masters provides a complete package of workshops and training where content, softskills and systems play a central role. Some examples of workshops include the workshop on Solvency II, Basel 4, Ethics and the workshop on Financial Analysis. For the full list of training and workshops click here.


    In addition to providing workshops and training, 3Masters offers a divers range of coaching for individuals or groups. For more information click here.


    3Masters assists organizations, teams, managers and networks with continued success. We achieve this by providing solid advice followed by the necessary training and coaching in order to work more effectively and ensure optimal work performance. Our focus is on behavior and the interaction between managers and personal. Our aim is to always ensure that your strengths are being optimally utilized.

    The partnership between SimArch and 3Masters emerged out of a shared ambition to deliver quality training within the financial services sector. The offering of both organizations is complementary. Where SimArch provides the big picture, 3Masters zooms in on specific topics. Through the partnership we aim to bring value to the Financial Services Sector in the Netherlands bringing together financial know-how and innovative learning solutions.


    At ICAP Training Solutions (ITS) - www.icapts.co.za we are committed to furthering educational standards and international best practice. We aim to ensure that our learners are able to transfer theoretical skills learned into valuable practical skills.

    With this vision, partnering with Simarch was a natural progression, allowing us to market GuardB@nk 3, InterB@nk 3 & FirstB@nk 3 simulations in Africa, and to utelise the simulations to bring the theory into practice in our training workshops.


    Sales manager Icap Training Solutions:

    The simulations really challenge the delegates, and has them engaging with their “management team”, considering macroeconomic conditions and Simulation Parameters, before making strategic and risk management projections. Delegates attending to get away from the office & have a nice lunch are in for a shock J, but all leave having nothing but praise for the knowledge gained from working on the simulation.

    Market risk Analyst, Banc ABC Botswana:

    “It makes one a better risk manager, covers all areas of the Bank and stimulates one’s interest in Banking. The presenter covers more than what’s on the course objectives to bring everyone to the same understanding”


    FMO is the Dutch development bank. FMO finances companies, projects and financial institutions from developing and emerging markets. FMO believes that entrepreneurship is key in creating sustainable economic growth and improving people’s quality of life. FMO specializes in sectors where their contribution can have the highest long-term impact - financial institutions; energy and agribusiness, food & water.

    Servicing their clients

    Developing countries are often considered high risk – and even their most innovative, promising businesses often do not have access to the financing needed to reach their potential.

    FMO supplements this need with a range of services and products that include:

    • Equity, loans and guarantees
    • Capital market transactions
    • Mezzanine and other tailor-made solutions
    • Long-term and short-term project financing
    • Access to our expertise, vast network and partnerships

    FMO also fosters capacity development, such as financial administration & planning skills, and sustainable business practices.

    A solid partner

    FMO’s solid profile allows them to invest in higher risk markets, either with our own capital or on behalf of the Dutch government.

    Founded in 1970, FMO is a public-private partnership, with 51% of our shares held by the Dutch state, and 49% held by commercial banks, trade unions and other private-sector representatives. FMO has an AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s.

    For more information please visit : www.fmo.nl

    National University of Singapore RMI

    RMI is a university-level research arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS) dedicated to the area in financial risk management. RMI strives to become a locally, regionally and globally recognized knowledge center in financial risk management where scholars, regulators and industry professionals gather to advance cutting edge knowledge that has immediate relevance to the financial system.


    Founded in August 2006, the Risk Management Institute (RMI) was established as a university-level research arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS) dedicated to the area in financial risk management. It is supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under its Program on Risk Management and Financial Innovation.


    The Risk Management Institute (RMI) strives to become a locally, regionally and globally recognized knowledge center in financial risk management where scholars, regulators and industry professionals gather to advance cutting edge knowledge that has immediate relevance to the financial system.


    The Risk Management Institute (RMI) aims to be a world-class center in risk management through research, education and training.

    For more information, please visit www.rmi.nus.edu.sg


    bdConsulting provides technical product and markets training to many of the world’s leading global banks and financial institutions. Founded by Bruno Curnier and Deborah Savin, two leading financial training consultants with some 36 years of experience between them, bd Consulting is a team of consultants sharing one goal; to deliver relevant, practical and pertinent training solutions that respond directly to their clients needs.

    Sharing the same ambition to deliver quality training solutions that are relevant, engaging and practical, SimArch & bd Consulting have formed an alliance bringing together action-learning tools and financial know-how.

    For more information refer to www.bd-consulting.net


    The partner program consists of a 5-step approach


    Selecting the product portfolio is an important first step, as this will determine the business plan and the subsequent alliance package. As we have a wide range of products, together with the partner we assess which product (s) would be best suited for the partner based on their existing portfolio, clients and local market(s).


    SimArch has over 17 years experience with the licensing and use of banking simulations and decision support tools. To equip our partners with the necessary business intelligence to be successful in their market, SimArch provides partners with marketing material, testimonials, past experiences, client lists and much more. Together with the partner we draw up a business plan for the market in which they will be using the banking simulations and/or support tools.


    Upon signing an agreement and payment of the exclusive rights for the use of the simulation in the country, the partner has access to the following:

    1. Branded login page to the simulation, business game or tool
    2. List of all previous clients of SimArch that have used the selected simulation, business game or tool
    3. Business plan: how the simulation can be used (set-up, overview..):
      • Packaged for their online learning portal and sold to individuals as an online course
      • Offered to their client base embedded into existing talent and graduate development programmes
      • Used as part of an Online Bank Management Competition
    4. Train the Trainer Package (Technical training)
      • Tutor Manual
      • Webinar training modules
      • Webinar training tailoring the simulation to the partners’ specific country/market
    5. Marketing Package (sales support material, case stories etc.)
      • Marketing documentation is provided to assist with the marketing of the different uses of the simulations, business games or tools among the client base of the partner.

    Once a partnership agreement has been concluded, a partner will obtain the rights to promote and use the relevant simulation(s) in their market for an agreed upon duration. A partner can acquire the exclusive rights to the simulation should the business case warrant this.


    An annual maintenance fee is paid for the following:

    1. Remote support for the use of the simulation
    2. Maintenance of the servers and hosting of the simulation
    3. Information on new releases and features