The FirstB@nk 3 Banking Simulation Program is designed specifically to facilitate the development of the business acumen of personnel within the Financial Services Sector.

The simulation program provides a powerful and engaging learning experience set in the context of the current banking environment. Banking personnel develop new skills and insights focusing on what it takes to manage a commercial bank successfully in today’s competitive and volatile marketplace. FirstB@nk 3 provides a robust platform for further development and customization of a wide range of training programmes and learning objectives.


FirstB@nk 3 is mostly used as part of a Graduate Development Programme, a Talent Programme as well as in a Fundamentals of Bank Management training programme. For each of the above-mentioned applicable uses, the bank management simulation offers a variety of customization options for optimal implementation.


The bank management simulation is available online on a 24/7 basis. The default language of the simulation is English. However, the simulation program can be translated into any other language of choice. FirstB@nk 3 has close to 200 variable parameters that can be customized according to any local economy, local banking environment and local regulatory environment. A unique feature of the program is that the latest financials of any commercial bank in a country can be used as a starting position during a specific training programme.

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In addition to the above-mentioned technical features of FirstB@nk 3, the simulation also offers a wide range of delivery options. The following delivery options are possible:


As an online self-study tool where participants compete against virtual banks and the simulation generates quarterly feedback based on their decisions

As an online training for groups with automated feedback after each quarter

As an online training programme facilitated by faculty from SimArch via webinar


On-site facilitated by your trainers or faculty from SimArch. The programme can be conducted over two days or can be divided into four sessions of four hours each.

Blended approach

Partly on-site with ongoing online sessions

Would you like more information on the FirstB@nk 3, Bank Management Simulation?

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For participants

Provides a complete and holistic view into the operations of a full-service bank in a dynamic competitive environment
Exposes participants to the challenges of risk management strategies, corporate governance and business ethics
Assists them in making responsible decisions in order to drive Share Holder Value Creation for the bank, taking into account all core stakeholders, e.g. clients, personnel, regulators, shareholders
Enhances the understanding of the key value drivers in a bank, namely financial performance, customer appreciation and loyalty, compliance to regulations, brand image

For Learning & Development

FirstB@nk 3 is an ideal tool for developing Top Talent
The simulation improves the adaption of personnel to the market and competitiveness of external environments
It offers alternative ways and opportunities to learn more about banking and the financial services industry
FirstB@nk 3 enhances risk management thinking: maturities, collateral, interest rate gaps, risk-weighted assets, classification of risks, controls, reporting, balance between risks and growth
It creates opportunities for the exchange of experience, ideas and networking
The simulation is a supreme tool for team building and problem solving exercises

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