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Our Purpose

Our mission as a market leader

As a market leader in banking simulation design and development, SimArch enables organizations to accelerate business growth by increasing the business acumen of personnel.

We firmly believe that people learn best by doing

We firmly believe that people learn best by doing. Our banking simulations and games enable people to directly apply new knowledge, insights and skills in realistic and relevant workplace scenarios.

Our Offering

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Off-the-Shelf Banking Simulations

We offer training organizations, universities and business schools, bank training institutes, freelance trainers and consultants a profitable new line of business with our ready to use banking simulations. Our off-the-shelf banking simulations have been tried and tested by the best in class and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing product portfolio.

Over the years, extensive research, complex mathematical formulas and real experiences from bankers have all been incorporated into each banking simulation. Through our core competency in the design and development of banking simulations we have built robust models that are continuously updated and enhanced with the latest technology.

Looking to build your own simulation?

SimArch has more than 20 years of experience in the design and development of banking simulation programs. Designing a simulation from scratch can be a long and expensive process. Using SimArch’s core competency, we can drastically reduce the development time and cost through our flexible programming platform. Our customized solutions offer the following:

  1. Tailored branding of the simulation (name, logo, trademarks, etc.)
  2. Tailored for a specific target group
  3. Tailored Learning Outcomes
  4. Tailored Income Statement & Financial Position
  5. Tailored Macroeconomic & Market Conditions
  6. Tailored Regulatory Environment
  7. Tailored delivery and facilitation options (online, blended, onsite, ...)
Competency in the design and development of banking games

In addition to developing banking simulations, since 2008, we have built a competency in the design and development of banking games. Our flagship banking game, FirstB@nksim, has been used in over 20 countries by students in graduate or talent development programs and is set-up in the form of an e-learning course made up of eight different learning modules. In addition to FirstB@nksim, we can also design and develop scenario-based games built around specific case studies, for a specific target group and with specific learning outcomes. Would you like to find out more? Contact a subject matter expert to discuss your requirements.

Our Team

Our team is made up of Subject Matter Experts, software & game developers, trainers and project leaders

Our Subject Matter Experts work closely with our developers to ensure that what we design and develop comes close to reality with real life banking scenarios. Our developers ensure the smooth running of our simulations, games and tools and keep them current and applicable with the latest technology.

Our trainers assist our partners in equipping them with the necessary technical skills and understanding of the specific simulation, tool or game in order for our partners to harness the full potential of our products. Our project leaders are here to listen, assist and build this new area of your business.

We co-design the business plan with the partner and provide key insight into markets, target groups and past experiences to ensure that our partners can be successful in their market.

Join our team

We are always looking for new talent and would gladly hear from you if you think you could be an added value to our existing team. Email us your resume and a brief description of how you see your role in our team.

Our History

SimArch was founded in 1999 by CEO, Ziegfried Vermaak. SimArch has always focused on the use of customized simulations as part of training programs within a bank. We were one of the forerunners providing simulations online, moving away from excel-based simulations to an online platform, which is flexible and requires no downloading. Our aim has always been to keep pace with new technologies as they provide new opportunities for how we learn.

Since 2002, through the competencies we built in the area of Asset & Liability Management, we have been designing decision support tools to assist banks with the implementation of best practice processes and with the preparation of their monthly Alco papers. Since 2008 SimArch has expanded its core competencies to designing and developing banking games, which are realistic and workplace scenario based. Through the years our banking simulations, decision tools and banking games have been used in over 170 companies and in more than 45 different countries.

Today we offer companies a suit of off-the shelf banking simulations, decision tools, banking games and custom solutions. Companies looking to expand their current portfolio to add simulations to their offering and companies looking to add a new product line of bank specific simulations can benefit tremendously from our offering.

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