• Webinar: Online Simulations as Part of the Curriculum at Universities

Webinar: Online Simulations as Part of the Curriculum at Universities

March 15, 2021

Two faculty members, Dr. Kent Belasco from Marquette University in Wisconsin and Dr. Alan Deines from Fort Hays State University in Kansas, discuss their experience with the use of SimArch’s online banking simulation programs as part of their curriculum.

The global pandemic, combined with the rapid evolution of technology, has drastically altered the learning landscape and continues to do so. One concept that has gained increased interest worldwide is the use of online simulations.

There are numerous benefits related to the use of online simulations in training and learning processes. Zooming in on educational institutions, the presence of simulations as part of curricula has seen an exponential increase, be it on-site, as part of a fully online learning experience or in blended learning.

Simulations are valuable in the sense that they improve content retention and knowledge as students learn by doing within realistic situations which enhance their critical thinking and decision-making abilities. In addition to this, students are also able to increase their collaborative working skills in a group environment as well as a safe environment. This form of practical engagement serves as an effective learning tool in combination with theoretical concepts, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/MkgpirnYJcQ