Balance sheet optimization tool

Balance sheet optimization tool

SimArch has developed an easy-to-use Balance Sheet Management decision support tool called ALM Worx. The main objective with the decision support tool is to enhance the Balance Sheet Management Process among banks and other financial institutions. The Balance Sheet of a bank can be planned and forecasted for up to two years (eight quarters). Capital Adequacy as well as meeting the new global standard for Liquidity (LCR and NSFR) can be stressed and assessed. ALM Worx furthermore provides the required information to personnel responsible for the preparation of information for the monthly ALCO meeting.

ALM Worx is available to Balance Sheet Managers and ALM practitioners. As each client has different requirements SimArch provides training in the use of the tool as well as consulting services on the enhancement and implementation of the Balance Sheet Management Process in commercial banks. Once the customized set up has been done for the client, the client can purchase an monthly subscription for the use of the ALM Worx Balance Sheet Optimization tool. Contact a subject matter expert to discuss your requirements via with the email subject: ALM Worx and your request will be forwarded to a subject matter expert.

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