Banking in the 21st century

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Banking in the 21st century

The financial landscape is changing at a blistering speed. With volatile global markets, changing regulations and new financial products, there is a major need for professionals in the Financial Services Sector to acquire new insights into the complexities of banking in the 21st century.

The Bank Management Simulation Program, FirstB@nk 3, provides professionals with a broad perspective on the business of banking. By taking on the role of the management team of a bank for the duration of four financial quarters, you will be exposed to the major products and activities of a commercial bank. You will also experience the impact of the economy, regulations and competition on the various quarterly decisions to be made as well as the key risks banks face today. 

The FirstB@nk 3, Bank Management Simulation Program is designed specifically to facilitate the development of the business acumen of personnel within the Financial Services Sector. The simulation program provides a powerful and engaging learning experience set in the context of the current banking environment. Banking personnel develop new skills and the business acumen required to manage a commercial bank successfully in today’s competitive and volatile marketplace.

  • Subscription: 12 months
  • Duration: 12 hours (typically 3 hours per financial quarter)
  • Level: Introductory
  • Available language(s): English
  • Compatible browser: Google Chrome

At the end of having managed a "full-service virtual bank" for an entire financial year, you are left with the following:

  • A profound understanding of the business of banking
  • An overview of the different products that are typically performed in a full-service bank
  • Deeper insight into how the different areas of the business interact to enhance overall business and financial performance
  • The knowledge of how to deal with competition in the market place
  • The familiarity of the different types of financial statements that reflect:
    • Profitability
    • Key performance measures used in banking
    • Asset/Liability structure
    • Financial position of the bank
  • Deeper understanding of the key financial risks that banks face
  • Insight into macro-economic impacts on the decision-making process of a bank

FirstB@nk 3 is an ideal tool for developing the business acumen of personnel active in the following core functions

  • Newly appointed personnel
  • Support staff
  • IT personnel
  • Young executives who need to expand their overall understanding of the management of a bank
  • Non-banking professionals active in the Financial Services Sector who need to gain a deeper understanding of the business of banking

After having successfully completed four financial quarters, a certificate of completion will be made available via the simulation as well as sent to you by email.

During each quarter there are different areas of focus that determine your performance:

  • Quarter 1: Capital Management
  • Quarter 2: Liquidity Management
  • Quarter 3: Customer Satisfaction
  • Quarter 4: Net Income

The successful completion of the FirstB@nk 3, Bank Management Simulation is equal to 6 CPE credits.

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