Retail banking

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Retail banking

The Retail Banking Simulation called B@nkShop, equips retail bank managers with an understanding of the many factors influencing the successful management of a retail bank.

In a complex and continuously changing environment and challenged by an ever-increasing product and service range, multi-channel distribution, increased market segmentation and competition, effective and efficient management of the retail banking business has become crucial.

The simulation focuses on the key success factors and their interdependencies that determine the performance of a retail bank, and covers issues such as increasing market share in profitable segments, increasing profitability across various sectors and increasing customer value through high quality service.

  • Subscription: 12 months
  • Duration: 12 hours (3 hours per quarter)
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Available language(s): English
  • Compatible browser: Google Chrome

The Retail Banking simulation focuses on the following key concepts:

  • Customer management – how to increase the profitability of each client segment and product range, whilst keeping track of customer satisfaction
  • Management of the distribution channels to increase customer value
  • Process and operations management to lower the cost of the bank
  • Effective pricing as well as portfolio management to enhance sustainable performance
  • Sources of funding for retail banks

B@nkshop 3 is ideally suited for the following professionals:

  • Regional and Branch Managers
  • Sales and marketing managers that require a solid understanding of the various factors that influence market share
  • All bankers forming part of the management team of a branch
  • Bank professionals earmarked for promotion or part of an accelerated development program

After having successfully completed four financial quarters, a certificate of completion will be made available via the simulation as well as sent by email.

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